Opinions Unplugged: Musicians Reflect on Acoustic Guitars

Check out this great article on Musician's Friend featuring guitar advice from our very own Greg Smith!


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Ramblin' Road is Now Available!

"Ramblin' Road" is now available!  

Download or stream it right now from iTunesAmazonSpotify or Google Play!

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Independent Music Awards Nominations

"Ramblin' Road" nominated for Best Alt. Country Album by the Independent Music Awards! 

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The Whiskey Treaty is in Cambridge tonight at Middleeast, Boston people, come out! http://t.co/uhcN4PWPOy
This Thursday in Northampton! with Tory Hanna, Abe Loomis, Billy Keane Music, David Tanklefsky http://t.co/EP83DIZr01
RT @davidtanklefsky: One week from today we kick off the #WhiskeyTreaty Roadshow @IHEG in Northampton! http://t.co/S1oLPOUz8F @abeloomis @B…
The Whiskey Treaty Roadshow kicks off one week from today at Iron Horse Entertainment/IHEG! We've got tickets, ... http://t.co/qQPpMJc43E
Hey everyone! As we continue to promote and support Ramblin' Road with shows and a radio campaign this fall, it... http://t.co/Cj8X8iZpsR
Have you 'signed' The Whiskey Treaty yet? Four chances later this month, but for now you can like the page here…... http://t.co/QL4gaejpRi
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